Our Story

Our Story

  • Going Postal, Not Really

    I received a call from the post office and I'm glad I answered.
  • New Products Coming Soon

    I spend a lot of time each day looking for new products my Magnolias will love. I make sure any items we carry would make us proud to have in our o...
  • Spring Is In the Air

    Spring is coming.

  • United We Stand

    It's election week.  I hope everyone got out there and exercised their civic duty.  I am so thankful to be born in the USA.  No matter what happens...
  • We Are Here for You

    We will remain open during this challenging time.
  • I Love Office Supplies!

    My obsession with office supplies is real y'all.  I love the smell, the feel, and the joy they give me.
  • Almost 30 Years!

    Can you believe I've been married almost 30 years? I can't. Where did the time go?  When I was 15 I fell madly, deeply, truly in love.  I'm not sur...
  • Roxie's Nine Lives

    My old dog is on her last leg but the will to live is strong in this one.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 
  • Just a Christmas Pedicure

    I’m not sure if anyone can relate but yesterday was a stressful day.  My honey had to have a medical test so I waited with him until he was called ...
  • My Toile Bag

    Anyone who knows me well will know I don't go anywhere without "my toile bag". It's been with me to Seattle, Yellowstone, Portugal, Texas, New York...
  • Life in a Small Town

    I love to be surrounded by pretty objects that mean something to me and when I look around I remember why I loved it. I want to help locate those items that mean so much or speak to your style or personality.