Almost 30 Years!

Almost 30 Years!

Can you believe I've been married almost 30 years? I can't. Where did the time go? 

When I was 15 I fell madly, deeply, truly in love.  I'm not sure how you tell that this is your person, but I could tell.  I truly would throw myself in front of oncoming traffic to save him.  Even at 18, when we married, I knew he was special.  Now at 48, we finish each other's sentences, we know what the other one is thinking, and we know what triggers to avoid.

All of the adults thought we'd be another statistic.  "It will never last".  They went to great efforts to convince us we were making a mistake but that may have convinced us even more that we needed to fight for "Us".  When it's just you and one other person against the world, it's a strong motivator. 

We're actually quite lucky.  We have several family couples and some friends that worked as hard at remaining together as we did.  These couples are great people to lean on when you're having troubles.  Our best friends are all ahead of us in years of service so we have some catching up to do.  LOL

As you grow older, you realize what gifts you have been given and appreciate them.  Now to figure out what we want to do to celebrate.  Maybe we should run away.  :-)