Just a Christmas Pedicure

Just a Christmas Pedicure

I’m not sure if anyone can relate but yesterday was a stressful day.  My honey had to have a medical test so I waited with him until he was called back and I took off to get a quick Christmas pedicure.  I don’t get my nails done often so it’s a real treat for me.  I had one hour to get back and the nail salon wasn’t far away.  I had never been to this salon before since it was chosen for their convenient location. 

I walked in and signed in, picked out my color, and sat to wait.  I was called back by a really nice lady and she asked if I wanted to have a quick manicure as well.  I gave her my timing details and she said she could do both in plenty of time.  What was I thinking? She wanted to do my fingernails first so we sat down near the front instead of going to the back to the massaging chairs. Big mistake!

She proceeded to spend 35 minutes cleaning up my nails and complaining to me about the state of my unkempt fingers.  I told her I had been busy lately and hadn’t had a free moment to come in.  Boy did she show her contempt.  I know when you don’t get your nails done often it takes longer but all I wanted was to have the shaped and have a clear coat applied.  She up-sold the gel nail polish.  I’m not a big fan but she stated that it would last so much longer.  I’m skeptical but okay.

Once my nails were drying she looked up and said “You need your eyebrows waxed.  It’s been too long.” I reminded her that I was in a hurry but she assured me I would be good on time.  She took me to the little private waxing room and had me get in the chair (think dental chair). She began my eyebrows and while she was doing my final touches she said, “Your facial hair is too long.” It’s blonde so it’s not like I have a full mustache and beard.  She said, “I’ll clean this up for you.” I said I didn’t have time but she started applying boiling hot wax to my chin, neck, sideburn area, top lip, and cheeks.  I almost panicked.  I told her I didn’t want my face waxed since I’ve never waxed and I was worried about it growing back darker.  She said “Only if you shave it.” It was now 50 minutes into my appointment and no pedicure.

I said thank you so much and told her I’d come back later for my Christmas pedicure.  She said “You won’t come back.  You’re a busy lady.”  I assured her I would come back.  She told me she could do it really quickly.  I should have stood my ground but I relented.  She proceeded to soak my feet and walked away.  I wanted to yell out “Don’t leave!  I have to be somewhere.”  I stayed in my seat and she came back and began her work.  I think she forgot about my desire to be back on time.  She FINALLY completed my pedicure and was taking her time with cleaning up and such.  I handed her my Amex and of course she says, we don’t take Amex.  I then had to dig around in my wallet for my check card and risk my new manicure.  Let’s just say that was an expensive Christmas pedicure. 

On my way back to the doctor’s office I had to order dinner that could be picked up on the way home since we had been fasting for his procedure.  I fasted in solidarity but I can’t say I didn’t cheat every now and then when he wasn’t looking.  LOL

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!