👚Strong Women👡Raising Strong Women

👚Strong Women👡Raising Strong Women

As a hippie baby born in 1971, I was born in a time of great empowerment for women.

My single mother with 2 college degrees taught me how to take care of myself. She's the bravest person I know. She's jumped from a perfectly good airplane, for fun. 🪂 Never buy a car you can't sleep in. ⛺ 

My Grandma Chambers (granddaddy left when I was little so I barely remember him) went to college before she married and certainly didn't need a man to survive. She taught school and was a librarian for 30+ years. She gave me a love for books and a stubborn determination. 📚

My Granny Tabb (great-granddaddy passed in 1950 and I wasn't born for another 21 years) went to college and taught for 30+ years. She traveled all over the world with her sister and cousins. She gave me a love of exploring. 📍

My Sellers grandparents were married about 60 years so they taught me patience and independence as well as how to file my taxes and make a dollar go farther. 👛

We are all a collection of lessons taught and experiences collected. We're all striving to give our future relatives the best chance of survival. Do your part, whatever that means to you. Hug your mom. 🫂

Be nice to each other.