• Expelled From Your Home To Begin Anew in Georgia

    These brave people refused to change their beliefs and took on a perilous journey to the newly created State of Georgia. They began their own religious community in Effingham, GA near Savannah.
  • The Queen's Scapegoat Is My Rebellious Ancestor

    One of our long lost Scottish relatives was the queen's scapegoat in the plot to execute her well loved sister, Mary, Queen of Scots. Although he was banished from noble life, he and his family received monthly payments from the crown. Wow!
  • 👚Strong Women👡Raising Strong Women

    We're all a collection of our experiences and lessons learned. Hug your mom!
  • Salzburg Protestant Expulsion

    Some of my relatives had a hard life but they persevered and began a new life in a new World. This is about that struggle from Salzburg, Austria to Ebenezer in Effingham, GA.
  • Sir, I say, Sir Alexander Davison!

    Imagine my excitement to find that we had a Sir in our family. Sir Alexander Davison was born in 1565 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. He participa...
  • Scots-Irish Americans

    Captain William Ralph Davidson was my 9th great-grandfather. He was born 7/11/1609 at the Scottish enclave in Dublin, Ireland and died there 8/15/1...
  • Old Fort, NC

    In the North Carolina Town of Old Fort there's a small creek called Mill Creek that babbles through the center of town. That creek stood as a natur...
  • Born in a Fort

    🛖Davidson's Fort was a far West outpost in North Carolina back in 1770. This picture is of a recreation of a fort built 1 mile from the original ho...