Life is Full of Ceremonies

Life is Full of Ceremonies

Everyone has events in life that require a bit of pomp and circumstance. Baptisms, weddings, graduations, birth announcements. Most of us get a little nervous that we're going to mess up and bring shame upon our family name. Dramatic much? Lol

Ceremonies in Life:



-Courtship and engagement



This is going to be slightly informative but mostly infuriating for women. I'll try to include some humor to make it interesting. 

According to Amy, christening is reserved for infants and small children. Invitations are always handled informally, by telegram, by brief note, by phone, or in person.

Only invite those believed to be really interested in the event. How rude. Hehe

Dear Gertrude,

Cornelia is being christened this coming Sunday at church. Will you stay after the regular services for the ceremony and then join us at home for lunch? 



Dressing the baby: The petticoats and long, embroidered Christening dress are lovely but a luxury. If you have a handed down or borrowed gown, use it, but a short white dress is fine. Shoes are not necessary either. Bonnets and coats should be removed prior to the ceremony. 

Adults dress as if going to church.

Next we'll cover Godparents and their Responsibilities. Stay tuned...