Shannon Kimberleigh Leia Mayo

Shannon Kimberleigh Leia Mayo

We're expecting our first granddaughter near Christmas and we are over the moon in love. We're so busy planning a wedding in November and then our granddaughter will be here soon after. 

I have waited so patiently for this and I'm as giddy as a school girl. I'm going to be the daycare granny and I can't wait. I've been scoping out cribs and such on Marketplace since I'm not working right now. There are so many adorable bassinets and swings.

We want to put every ounce of knowledge and strength we've acquired into her so she can exceed anything we can imagine. I never want anyone telling her that she can't be whatever she dreams. She should never settle for less because someone told her she should. I certainly never settled and she never will either.

I went to day Space Camp since my great Uncle Gene Reed was a contractor in Huntsville, AL with NASA and they have a great Space Camp. I was too scared of strangers to stay overnight but at some point I was told I couldn't be an astronaut. That it would never happen. At the time all astronauts we're Air Force men. I don't remember who or why they said it but they did. Maybe I had a fear of heights or my vision was too bad but I was crushed. I set my sights on archeology probably thanks to Indiana Jones but I was told I'd be broke all my life. What next? I fell in love. The biggest adventure of our lives. I went to FSU. I worked for the state. Now I'm ready for the next step.

Our granddaughter will have lots of grandparents to watch over her. To guide her in life. We're so grateful for this next phase of our lives. Disney annual passes are in our future. My granny van is ready to roll.