Case of Coke?

Case of Coke?

Since the pandemic we've been using Walmart's pick up service. Occasionally they are out of something on our list and they substitute other products. If I didn't have an addiction to Coke this would be weird. To me, it was manna from heaven.

Other people love their coffee. I have a one-coke-a-day habit. I'm not proud of it but I drink Coke.🥤Not that un-leaded Diet stuff for me. Not Pepsi, not RC, not Coke Zero, only Coca-cola for me. Feel the burn! 🥰

I only know it's a weird habit because people are not shy about pointing out pre-noon Coke drinkers. Especially if they are coffee people. I get the usual stuff: "Do you KNOW how much sugar is in there?" "You can clean your engine with that." or my favorite "You just look like a Diet Coke drinker to me." 😮

Klady (beautiful person by the way) @jennycraig just couldn't understand the addiction. She did convince me to substitute soda water for 4 or 5 of the Cokes I drank every day. I'm grateful for that but the caffeine was hard to lose. 

When our household runs low on Coke, it's not pretty. 😁 I'm thankful for a mystery box of Cokes in my mailbox. I think they're from Walmart. If not, thanks anyway. 😍